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Local Authors Policy



For the purpose of this policy, local authors are defined as residents of the City of Detroit.  The Detroit Public Library wishes to recognize the literary efforts of local authors by including their works in its collections.  These works however, must meet the Library’s selection criteria as detailed in the Library’s Collection Development Policy

We have developed this policy to guide local authors in their efforts to have their works selected for the Library's collection.  Included in this document are:  

  • Procedures to follow in submitting your work for consideration

  • Information on what you can expect the Library to do in support of your writing endeavors

  • Lists of review resources

  • Hosting a book signing or writers’ group at the Library

How to Submit Your Work

Send a copy of your published work to:

Detroit Public Library Collection Development (Local Author Submission)
5201 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48202

Please include:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Telephone number(s)

  • Email address

  • Title of Book

  • Vendor/Publisher information

  • Professional reviews or critiques

  • Information on pricing, including discounts, shipping and handling fees

We will acknowledge receipt of your work within 30 days. We carefully evaluate all new books using the detailed selection criteria in the Library’s Collection Development Policy

You will receive notification regarding the Library’s decision within 90 days. Acceptance of a copy of your work for the collection does not guarantee that we will buy additional copies. If we buy more copies, they may not be purchased directly from you. 

Some works, especially works of non-fiction, may not be considered without accompanying professional reviews. The Library relies in part on professional reviews when making selection decisions, and it is up to local authors to solicit reviews for their works. You may resubmit your work if professional reviews appear at a later time.

Works not accepted for the collection will not be returned to the author. 

What You Can Expect From Us

On occasion, the Detroit Public Library may promote the book(s) of a local author.  For example, an author may be booked for our Author Series or a branch Library may include an item in a display or list featuring a particular subject or genre.

The Detroit Public Library does not schedule authors for its Author Series unless their works are in the Library's collection.  Inclusion of an author's book in the Library's collection does not guarantee the author's participation in the Library's Author Series.

To be considered for the Author Series, authors should send a cover letter and press packet with reviews to:

Detroit Public Library Public Services (Author Series)
5201 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48202

The Detroit Public Library bears no obligation for marketing an author's work. Authors are fully responsible for promoting their work.  Local authors seeking to host a book signing at the Detroit Public Library should consult the Hosting a Book Signing or Writer’s Group at the Library, for additional information.

Professional Review Sources

For best results, select review sources that target your specific market in terms of genre and intended audience. Market guides such as Writer's Digest and Writer's Market can assist with your research. Be certain to read and follow the specific guidelines for each source before submitting your work. Ask your librarian for assistance in finding these resources.


The Detroit Public Library encourages local authors and writers’ groups to host their book signing and meetings at the Library. 

Local authors and writers’ groups may reserve a room at the Library at no cost, subject to the Detroit Public Library’s Meeting Room Policies

The following additional guidelines are provided to ensure that local authors and writers’ groups have a successful experience while hosting an event at the Library.


Writers’ groups seeking to host a book discussion, workshop, or any other meeting other than a book signing, should consult the Detroit Public Library’s Meeting Room Policies for guidelines.


Local authors seeking to host a book signing at the Library should consult the guidelines below, in addition to the Detroit Public Library’s

Meeting Room Policies:


  1. Please submit a copy of your work for review, prior to reserving a room at the Library.  Library staff will review your work using the same criteria used for Library collections.  You will be notified promptly once a decision is made.  Submissions should be sent to:  

    Detroit Public Library Public Services (Book Signing Request)
    5201 Woodward Avenue
    Detroit, MI 48202



    Upon notification of approval, please send a written request to the address below. Please indicate your preferred location for the event:

     Detroit Public Library Public Services (Book Signing Request)
     5201 Woodward Avenue
     Detroit, MI 48202  

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