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Standards for Library Behavior

Approved by the Detroit Library Commission

November 16, 2010


The Detroit Public Library enhances the quality of life for the diverse and dynamic community in the City of Detroit. The library enlightens and empowers its citizens to meet their lifelong learning needs through open and equitable access to information, technology, and cultural/educational programs.

To ensure a safe, secure and enjoyable experience at the library, The Detroit Library Commission has adopted the following Standards for Library Behavior for its customers. Customers who choose to violate the Standards of Behaviors may be subject to a restriction or loss of their library privileges.  Violations perceived as criminal may result in arrest and / or prosecution. We welcome and encourage customer feedback. Please see a library staff for specific guidelines to communicate your complaints, concerns, recommendations or appreciation.  


  1. Customers who act in a manner that causes public disturbance will be directed to leave the library.


  2. Customers who engage or attempt to engage in any illegal activity on library property will be prosecuted.


  3. Being under the influence of alcohol/illegal substances and/or distributing, selling, using or in possession of alcohol/illegal substances or paraphernalia on library property is prohibited. 


  4. Loitering, smoking, lying down, sleeping or bathing are prohibited on library property.


  5. Gambling, including online is not allowed on library property.


  6. Eating is only permitted in designated areas.  Beverages are permitted only in spill-proof containers.


  7. Fighting, provoking to fight, or engaging in disorderly conduct is prohibited.


  8. Offensive, abusive or threatening language, behavior or gestures are prohibited.


  9. Display for public view of obscenity, child pornography or materials harmful to minors are prohibited. 


  10. Customers whose fragrance, odor or extremely poor hygiene constitutes a nuisance to other people's use of library facilities will be directed to leave.


  11. Weapons, dangerous objects and items that could potentially be used as weapons are not allowed on library property.  The possession of any firearm other than lawfully possessed concealed firearm is prohibited in the library.  


  12. Solicitation of customers or employees in or on library premises except in conjunction with a library sponsored activity or program is prohibited.  Only printed items approved by library staff may be posted or distributed on library properties.


  13. Using audible devices without headphones is prohibited.  Headphones must be set at a volume that will not disturb others.


  14. Indecent exposure, sexual acts or behavior are prohibited.


  15. It is illegal to deface, damage, mutilate or destroy library property.


  16.  Loading or installing programs or software on library computers is prohibited. (This includes damaging or altering any computer equipment).


  17. Loud conversations and the use of cell phones are not allowed in reading rooms and public service areas.


  18. Children cannot be left unattended. Please see a library staff member for specific guidelines.


  19. Shoes and shirts must be worn in the library. 


  20. Pets and other animals are not allowed, with the exception of service animals.


  21. It is illegal to remove library materials from the library without checking them out. Only materials already checked out can be taken into library restrooms.


  22. Bedrolls, blankets, duffle bags, suitcases, or large plastic bags are not allowed. All parcels, bags, briefcases, backpacks, purses and other personal belongings are subject to inspection.  A maximum of two bags of any type is allowed. Each bag should not exceed 12 x 18 x 9 inches. 

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